CMD’s Message

Rakesh Jain, CMD

Rakesh Jain, CMD

At Anmol, we have a team of young professionals who are constantly striving to deliver the best using a mix of the latest tools and techniques. The advantage derived from such efficiency is also shared with our customers, that is the reason why we are so advanced in technology yet competitive in pricing.

At Anmol, taking up challenging jobs which are usually first-of-its-kind in the industry is a passion and a hobby too.

Once we take up the challenge, we put our heart and soul into it to deliver the very best – and deliver it. This is one of the several reasons why our customers always trust us and keep coming back.

With a focus on customer’s needs, likings and preferences, we have been constantly evolving ourselves. Year after year the process of improvement goes on to deliver contemporary designs and specification to our customers, which has resulted in a steady growth of our organization.”